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We are a team of experienced, talented and creative experts who are passionate about delivering customized and specialized services!

Dome was built on the principle that the communication and crisis management needs of every single client of ours, are not similar to any other, each company and each case is unique.

We focus in providing a personalized and individualized experience that covers the goals and expectations that you set in the public sphere. We believe that the best results are those intentionally delivered, working efficiently and effectively to manage the story.

This emphasis on communicating a compelling story through media outreach and community engagement allows our clients to uncover new opportunities to grow their business and build a buffer to protect when a crisis incident develops.

Crisis Management
Your reputation is your credibility.

Readiness, Response, Recovery
Whether you deal with a general or a cyber crisis, we ‘re here for YOU!

We are proud for being the leading pioneering cyber incident crisis management company in Greece that has developed specialized programs and services to help our clients prepare and minimize their damage from such an event. In our contemporary digital world the most important threat for all companies comes from the cyber-sphere, the worldwide incidents related one way or the other to cyber-attacks, data breaches, malicious insiders etc. keep rising every year in a frantic manner. A cyber crisis has different characteristics in the way it manifests and there is no way to completely protect your business from it, therefore it also requires a different approach to managing it.

Pre-Crisis Preparedness Training Program for CMT

Crisis Live Response 24/7

Crisis Communication Consulting

Simulation Exercise on a Digital Platform


DOME’S Intelligence Tool
Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics

With the help of the state-of-the-art Dome’s Intelligence Tool, we are in a position to offer high quality listening & analytics services. We can track, monitor and measure the presence of the client on online & social media in real time. We can collect information regarding the audience’s reaction to our client’s content (ads, press releases, promotional articles etc). Sentiment analysis is also an important tool for the evaluation of brand health since it allows us to identify consumer behavior, customer insights and trending topics.

During a crisis, it gives us the capacity to generate reports in daily or even hourly time-lapses, becoming a powerful monitoring tool that acts as an early warning mechanism/ alarm, but furthermore allowing to precisely estimate the size of the crisis, the escalation and de-escalation of the incident curve, delivering valuable analytical input for corrective actions to be taken.

PR & Communication
Allow us to tell your story.

The fundamental cornerstone for building a successful communication campaign starts with a clear, thoughtful strategy that supports your company’s business objectives. At Dome, we build a customized, strategic plan designed to address your future goals, your present reality, and the perceptions your customers and community have of your business. Our Work is focused on the continuous development of creative engaging story angles channeled through all media options including the use of social media.

Media Relations

Despite the false claims and promises that some public relations or communication companies make about being able to control the story in the media, any experienced media relations practitioner knows that news media cannot be controlled, however they can be managed. We have a deep understanding of how the news cycle works and what attracts negative or positive reporting attention to a story. Τhis knowledge is being applied to actively promote and protect your company’s media presence.

Media and Spokesperson Training

Being comfortable telling your own story is key to reaching your general and specific target audiences, but dealing with the media can be an intimidating prospect even for executives who regularly answer to demanding board members, clients and stakeholders. The rules of engagement are totally different. Dome’s media-training sessions offer a crash course in Media Basics and provide an opportunity to review messaging and practice staying on topic. Through messaging overviews and simulations, we prepare your media team and spokespeople to face the media with confidence.

Social Media Strategy

The communication landscape is constantly changing in the new digital era, Social Media platforms are becoming increasingly an integral part of any communication campaign, allowing you to share your story in a direct and unfiltered way. We can help you identify your target audience and strategize about what kind of posts you should be making to keep that audience interested, we analyze your brand and messaging to create a strong, organized and creative campaign that will reach the right people at the right time and on the right platforms.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership allows your organization to stay on the media’s radar even when you’re not the one making news. Thought leadership is an important strategy for building trust in your brand among the media and your target audiences. The key to accomplishing this is by getting key members of your leadership team opportunities to share in your company’s expertise, philosophy, and successes with the right audience. We know how to position founders and executives as experts on specific topics and actively seek out opportunities to turn you into a trusted source.


Not just a public relations stunt but a powerful strategic “weapon”.

Dome is not an event planning or organizing agency, we believe that events must serve a higher strategic communication target of a company or of a business sector. Under this strict premise we create innovative event concepts and see through every step of their materialization.

Aquaculture Conference | Greece 2021

Aquaculture Conference | Greece 2021

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It's All About Health | Summit 2021

It's All About Health | Summit 2021

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Greek Tourism, a national affair | Summit 2021

Greek Tourism, a national affair | Summit 2021

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Cyber Greece 2021 | Summit

Cyber Greece 2021 | Summit

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Smart City - Municipality of Kifissia

Smart City - Municipality of Kifissia

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Taking Cybersphere to the Next Level

Taking Cybersphere to the Next Level

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Aquaculture Congress | Greece 2018

Aquaculture Congress | Greece 2018

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Cyber Defense for Management | Conference

Cyber Defense for Management | Conference

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Our clients come from various industries, from private and public sector.

We are privileged to be working with some of the most well known companies in Greece.









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