Dome Consulting's primary objective is to focus on the customer by providing solutions in the fields of crisis management and brand communication.


Providing consulting services in the following areas:

  • Strategy & Communication
  • Crisis Management
  • Planning of workshops & conferences

Our goal is:

  • Reliability in all the activities and actions provided by the company.
  • High quality services, competitiveness and availability of the services and support we offer to our clients.
  • A Customer-centric approach, as the customer is the cornerstone for all our business activities.
  • Ensuring continuous & successful growth of the company.

Dome was built on the principle that the communication and crisis management needs of every single client of ours, are not similar to any other, each company and each case is unique.

To achieve the aforementioned goals, we express our Commitment to the following principles:

  • Excellent communication between Management and Executives while maintaining great communication levels between the executives themselves.
  • Selection of qualified personnel and their continuous training.
  • Reliability of the company’s partners and suppliers and their consistent monitoring and evaluation
  • Compliance with quality, time and financial commitments.
  • Constant improvement of the company’s effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Continuous monitoring and implementation of legislation.
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality and Information Security Management System’s processes.
  • Provision of the resources required to achieve the above.

InfoSec Policy

The Information Security Officer is responsible for controlling and monitoring the System’s implementation, while simultaneously keeping all involved personnel informed about the Information Security Policy.

All Company personnel involved in the activities and processes described and that are related to Information Security, are responsible for implementing the Policy and the relevant Procedures in their area of employment.

Management and all employees of the company are committed to achieving the organization’s goals and adhering to the principles regarding Information Security.

We are also committed to constantly increasing the level of Information Security through continuous improvement of the Quality and Information Security Management System and by providing the resources required to achieve the aforementioned.

Information Security is a key priority for the company as a means to:

  • Ensure the secure delivery of Crisis Management services, consultancy services and training provision services.
  • Ensure the company is fully compliant with relevant legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To protect the company’s interests and the interests of those who coexist with and trust the company for the use and handling of their data.
  • To ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information generated, received and circulated in the context of providing Crisis Management services, consultancy services and training provisioning services.
  • To maximize the reliability of the company’s information resources.

The implementation of Information Security Policies and Procedures aims to the following:

  • Protection of the company’s resources and relevant information from any threat, internal or external, intentional, or accidental.
  • Systematic risk assessment and evaluation regarding information security, and the proper and timely management of the associated risks.
  • Enforcing secure procedures for the development and maintenance of third-party IT applications and services.
  • Archiving data, preventing virus infections and external intrusions, controlling access to the company’s systems, recording all security incidents and managing unexpected events and occurrences.
  • Keeping management and staff up to date on information security issues.
  • Controlling information and data transferred and exchanged.
  • Immediate and effective handling of security incidents and breaches.
  • Full commitment of the company’s management to the strict implementation of the Security Policies and all applicable national and EU legislation.


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