Vasso Angeletou

Vasso Angeletou was born in Athens and grew up in Skopelos. Having graduated from the Department of Financial & Banking Administration of the University of Piraeus, she began her career in the financial sector as a financial analyst at the Mutual Funds of Emporiki Bank and Bank of Cyprus. In 2008 she switched to journalism covering international financial news at In 2015 she undertook the international financial / banking reporting on and followed collaborations with recognized online media such as,, BusinessDaily, as well as with the magazines “Financial Review” and “Fortune Greece”.

In 2019 she took over the position of Responsible Communication at the Independent Electricity Transmission Operator (IPTO). In the 2.5 years of her stay at the Company, she fully managed the relations with the media (electronic, print & television). At the same time, he started and completed important Corporate Communication projects, such as: Rebranding, renewal / restructuring of the corporate website, creation of Internal Communication channels (Intranet etc.), consolidation / development of social media presence, production of corporate videos, infographic etc. optical communication materials, management of media spending / sponsorship communication packages. During the same period she successfully organized corporate events, press conferences and Strategy Meetings for IPTO.

In order for the Company to cope with the increased needs of Communication, it staffed and developed the Press Office exercising administrative duties. The pandemic crisis in combination with the Company’s object (critical energy infrastructure) created the need to manage significant communication crises which it successfully coped with, actively participating in the formulation of the corporate strategy for crisis management Covid-19. She now belongs to Dome Consulting as a Communication & Crisis Management Consultant, with her duties including Corporate Relations, Public Relations & Public Affairs. At the same time, she continues to write articles in selected news media.


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